how to submit:

We are currently taking submissions in Art, Poetry, Fiction, Speculative Fiction, and Nonfiction until November 21st, 2023 at 11:59 pm EST.


general guidelines:

Submissions are open to everyone except currently enrolled MFA Writing students at Sarah Lawrence College. We are currently unable to offer monetary compensation for accepted submissions.

NOTE: Gratuitous violence or depictions of violence that advance strategies of marginalization rather than challenge them will not be tolerated.


A Note From Our Editors: We take an inclusive approach to featuring a diverse array of writers from a wide range of backgrounds. While we welcome all narrative techniques, styles, and voices, we aim to publish work that highlights the day-to-day, recognizable trials and joys of living in our world. These pieces may be documentarian, strictly literal, or real-world oriented stories, or may be informed by the speculative, leveraging metaphor or analogue to reflect unique and shared experiences. The content might be true to the internal world (Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper) or the external world (George Saunders, Civilwarland in Bad Decline), but should always hold a mirror to the everyday and the mundane.

Submission Guidelines


A Note From Our Editors: We champion pieces that are personal, emotional and are courageous in the truths they tell. We want to be moved, surprised, and immersed in tenderness. We are also excited to see work that moves differently and strays away from the conventional in its form and structure.

Submission Guidelines


A Note From Our Editors: We champion pieces that surprise, inspirit, and propel the reader to different realms of feeling, place, and consciousness. We welcome poems that deliver us into the human experience through inventive forms, translingual and transcultural text, fresh approaches to diction and indulgences of sound. But most of all, we value poetry that is authentic to you.

Additionally, in a world grappling with war, brutality, and identity-based injustice, we also strive to provide a platform for voices to reflect on these crises that impact them and those they care about. Therefore, we encourage writers to submit works that delve into the ways social unrest influences individual experience.

Submission Guidelines

speculative fiction:

A Note From Our Editors: We are looking for prose in any genre that might be considered speculative, including fantasy, science fiction, horror, weird fiction, magical realism, etc., including stories that defies traditional genre boundaries. Our selections will prioritize work that pushes the boundaries and expectations of storytelling, challenges dominant beliefs, and centers marginalized perspectives. Although any and all speculative elements are welcome, tired tropes in genre (e.g., sexy vampires, zombie apocalypse survival), without some innovation or repurposing of the trope, are unlikely to be to our tastes.

Submission Guidelines

visual art:

A Note From Our Editors: We’re interested in art that focuses on the little things. “Bad art” or art done by folks who might not call themselves artists.

Submission Guidelines