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four muons (red tracks)

by Abra Gist



they say we crossed the border  


but the truth is  

the border crossed us— 


boxed in barbed wire southwest cathedral  

style manifestation destinations break weak isospin 

toward the space time  

sombrero mexican hat-shaped  


we wreak  

of the gods’ particle out here 

we still live 

even if we are dying  

all the time 

if the ball dropped into the center of the dome 

spontaneous symmetry breaking illustrations  

would indicate: 

                                                                                                         they carved out gods’ country  

those physicists waxwalled  

in vacuumed expectation values 

in field of view  

                                                     that does not conserve the four corners 


let them fold in to the center 

two neutral & two electrically charged components 

puncture womb wormholes into highway 


i’m telling you the honest truth 

this thing is a massive scalar boson:  

                                                                                           0 spin 

                                                                                           even (+) parity 

                                                                                           0 electrical charge 

                                                                                           0 color charge 

                                                                                           coupled to interact with (mass)  

wait, let me start over  

the math mixmatches science  

as long as you don’t observe the signs 


let me explain how electro 

weak interaction functions: 


                                                                         4 known fundamental interactions of nature 

                                                                         the gravitational & electromagnetic  

                                                                         produce longhome on the range forces 

                                                                         everyday life = the strong & weak interactions 

this border— 


—this border  


is relative but (greater than) > relativity 

discrete              theory 

crossing             quantum fields 

5th force fluxing physics →→→→→→→→→→ anomalousity  

stronger than gravity but (weaker than) < electromagnetism & nuclear forces 


                           it’s simple physics not explained by current theories  


okay, i’ve confused you 


let’s circle doublet  

back to the dome: 

sombrero potential  

simple physics: the ball  



this particle crossing the border  

it’s out there right  


you just don’t see it 

it does not exist until observed  


that line 

i’m telling you about that line 











that line is not fucking real until they take that stick and scrape the belly of the land