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Issue 19

letter from the editor

Issue 19 (by Catalina Irigoyen & Amanda Pendley)


Better Estates Center for the Betterment of Afflicts Brocades; Ocean Under Pressure


Cicada Shells Stories from my garden We Are All Just in Costume By Association


Good Father Kashmiri Bedtime Story Jesus Rolls a Blunt four muons (red tracks) Eternal Recurrence | Nostalgic Misconceptions Dancing on Bubble Wrap Órexis Bookmarked (2020) 0| (e)

speculative fiction

Troxler's Fading Ghosted Red Hood: A Tale in 19 Parts

visual art

covid color Collages by Virgil Suarez Photo by Virgil Suarez Running on E Changing Perspectives Dog with Lamp Shade Hat, Seal Beach, CA passing Expanding Asterism